Dr. Ed Slack is a psychologist, an author and a musician who currently lives in Tennessee. Besides a full time private practice he’s raced motorcycles and mountain bikes (winning many races over three decades), played in touring punk, rock, alternative and country bands since the early nineties, and sports a good number of tattoos by some rather well-known tattoo artists, including Ed Hardy.

As a therapist for over twenty-five years, Dr. Slack has been helping people change their lives for the better, particularly the addicted, the gifted and the manipulative. In the early eighties he worked with autistic children and head trauma patients through the Easter Seal Foundation. From then on he’s been in private practice and done his share of speaking engagements. 

Now he’s shifting gears and is moving forward in the publishing business. It’s no wonder his first book is all about understanding and handling manipulative people. He’s run head on into them not only professionally but in his personal life as well. If you ask Dr. Slack what qualities he values most, he’ll tell you: integrity, honesty and a healthy dose of humor. He’s been snake-bit quite a few times, took his lumps, learned and moved on. Now, through his writing, his goal is to help others decipher the false from the true and gain the skills to recognize when they’re being duped. He also finds overly academic books boring so Two Legged Snakes: Understanding and Handling Manipulative People is a fast read that includes humorous illustrations so those of us with a bit of ADD or a touch of dyslexia laugh & learn as well as everyone else. 

Dr. Slack attended California State University, Sacramento, where he earned his BS degree in psychology and an MS degree in clinical psychology. He holds a PhD in clinical psychology from Sierra University, Sacramento. He is member of the Sault Ste Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians and supports causes and organizations that involve the education of Native American children. 

Dr. Slack lives in Nashville with his longtime girlfriend Bexx and their impetuous cat Chewy. When he’s not writing, he loves to weld metal art, ride his motorcycles and work on his ’65 Lincoln Continental convertible.


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